THANK YOU to all parents who donated money towards Cancer Research!
Here are two photos and a few (choppy) videos from the event. Thanks also to parents who showed up at Xinghai Square.



Three short videos from Mr. Truss' phone: Warm-Up, Lap One and Lap Two.

Terry Fox Activities
Who was Terry Fox? Go here to find out more!
Note: We are collecting money to go towards Cancer Research. Donations of all sizes are appreciated.

Students can wear RED & WHITE rather than school uniforms on Monday September 20th and Tuesday September 21st! Wednesday September 22nd!

We have two Terry Fox activities planned for our school this year:

Monday September 20th at 9:30am - This went very well, with almost 800 students doing a lap around the track and learning about Terry Fox.
Students can wear RED & WHITE and we will have a short assembly outside on our track with the Chinese school.
Every student will run a single lap of the field and then a short speech will be made to share some of the values that made Terry Fox a Canadian hero that has become well known around the world. (Event will only be approx. 30 min. long.)

RAIN DELAY: We have changed the date to WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd! T-Fox-Rain-Delay.jpg

Tuesday Sept. 21st: Terry Fox Run/Walk at Xinghai Square (9:30am)
Students will come to school in RED & WHITE and they will be given Canadian Flags and temporary tattoos before heading to Xinghai Square for their Annual Terry Fox Walk. Students are also encouraged to wear items that show off their own nationality if they wish. Buses will depart from our school shortly after 9am and head to Xinghai Square. We will walk around the fountains located closest to the 'open book' (the fountains closest to the ocean). We will be dropped off at the far end of the fountains (near the center of Xinghai Square) and we will start with a stretch, led by our seniors, then we will walk twice around the fountains before heading back to the school.

We invite parents to join us on the walk, and we request that if you would like to join us, to please meet us there since space on the buses will be limited.
Please have a look at the two pictures below. The first one shows where we will be walking on the path near the fountains so that we are organized and safe, and also so that we provide space for pedestrians to walk around our large group. The second one shows a map of where we will meet and the path we will take around the fountains (twice). We hope to see you there!