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Karl Dick, Principal

The motto at our school is: Care, Share, Dare

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School - Dalian

Hello parents and guardians,

With this newsletter, I would like to wish you and your family a warm farewell. The staff and I wish you a safe and restful summer holiday time.

If you are joining us for the 2017-2018 School Year, we welcome you and would like to update you on our planning.

Have a wonderful summer and see you in September.

Karl Dick ~ Principal


Campus Grade Planning and Staffing

I am happy to report that all teachers have been hired for the 2017-2018 school year. As well, although enrollment can change over the summer, the most likely class arrangement at the two campuses is according to the charts below. That is very encouraging as we plan to have all teachers in China for the start of classes.

Capture for Year End Newsletter.PNG

Bus Update

Ms. Cui and Ms. Yoyo will work at changing our current buses to yellow, high visibility school buses. For Downtown campus, this work has already begun and will continue over the summer as we attempt to best match bus size to the size of our students. For KFQ campus, this process will begin in July. At this time, Ms. Yoyo will also work on securing a bus for Jinshitan students. The addition of this route will also allow us to

divide the KFQ route into two parts. I would like to acknowledge the hard work of Ms. Cui and Ms. Yoyo to solve the busing challenges with minimal disruption to the school. Thank-You!!!

School Start-End Time Adjustment

Based on the information we gathered from bus route times this year, we plan for campus start-end time in 2017-2018 as follows:

  • Downtown Campus ~ 0830 – 1530 ~ this is the same as 2016-2017 ~ no change
  • Kai Fa Qu Campus ~ 0840 – 1540 ~ this is 10 minutes earlier than 2016-2017

Mandarin Program

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian is happy to announce that we will have three Mandarin teachers at each campus and will be able adjust the Mandarin Curriculum System for the 2017-18 school year.

Currently, students in our school take two mandatory Mandarin courses:

Han Yu Course (Chinese as a Second Language)

Students from Pre-school to Grade 9 take this compulsory course for 45 min daily.

Chinese Literature and Culture Course

Students from Pre-school to Grade 9 take this compulsory course for 45 min every other week.

A new, third course will be offered this fall. It is a more challenging Mandarin language course, like the one offered in Chinese public schools. We will called the YuWen Course.

The YuWen Course will be available for students from Grade 1 to Grade 6. Students will need to choose one of either the Han Yu (CSL) Course (our current offering) or the YuWen Course (new for fall 2017). Students who plan to enroll in the more advanced Yu Wen course will need to pass certain entrance tests. More information will be available in September.

Summer Language Learning

Many parents work hard to support student language acquisition in summer. Thank you! Your support is so critical for student success in fall. Traditional ways of learning language through tutors, language academies and word lists are always helpful. If you are looking for other very effective ways to bring new and useful vocabulary into your child’s life, please check out the link below. The ideas here are also very effective for native language speakers.

Bus Information Memo
May 15th, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

At the end of the day today, bus information was sent to you through the bus supervisors.

As I understand the current situation, authorities in Dalian are requiring that buses be changed from our current buses to buses with yellow school bus markings.Authorities are requiring this change to take place immediately so some bus routes will be temporarily cancelled as Maple Leaf changes to the yellow buses.This may take up to two weeks to complete but Lina and Yoyo are working very hard to make this change as quickly as possible.We apologize for any inconvenience this causes in your family schedules.

Currently this change only affects Downtown buses,Kai Fa Qu bus routes are operating as normal but it is possible that Kai Fa Qu authorities will require a bus change for fall.

Starting Tuesday, May 16th (tomorrow) students on the following bus routes will need to find their own way to school - except for Bus D1 ~ Supervisor Tiffany which has already been changed to a yellow bus and will run as normal.

•Bus D2 ~ Supervisor Safina – will NOT run tomorrow or possibly for two weeks.
•Bus D3 ~ Supervisor Yola– will NOT run tomorrow or possibly for two weeks.
•Bus D4 ~ Supervisor Alice – will NOT run tomorrow or possibly for two weeks.
•Bus D5 ~ Supervisor Amy – will NOT run tomorrow but possible this Thursday, May 18th.

Until we get the buses solved, morning drop off and afternoon pick up will be very busy.

Morning – bus supervisors will arrive at school at 8 am and help with student drop off.
After School – we plan a staggered dismissal.

Let’s try this plan for tomorrow and see if it needs to be adjusted after that.Parents, if possible, please avoid standing in the lobby.It would be helpful if you could use the outside play area instead.Mr. Arca and other staff will help bring the students to you.

•PreK students will come downstairs and be available for pick up beginning at 3:10 pm.
•Grade Kindergarten and 1 students will come downstairs and be available for pick up beginning at 3:15 pm.
•Grade 2 students will come downstairs and be available for pick up beginning at 3:20 pm.
•Grade 3 students will come downstairs and be available for pick up beginning at 3:25 pm.
•Grade 4/5 students and Bus D1 students come downstairs and be available for pick up beginning at 3:30 pm.

If you have additional questions or if you need the school to help connect you with other parents to set up rides or car pools, please contact the school

Teachers have been informed and will work with parents to adjust assignments if students need to miss school.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work through this very quick change.

I am in Yiwu at a Principal’s meeting until Wednesday but will be working together with Mr. Arca, Ms. Lina, Ms. Yoyo and our whole staff.Please stand by for additional updates.

A special thanks to MLFNS-D office staff and teachers tonight.They have been a great help this evening!
Karl Dick
Principal ~ MLFNS-D

January 2017 Newsletters were sent home with students on January 2nd.

January 2017 Newsletter

Note: The January newsletter contains important registration/tuition information
Coming Events:
January 2 - First Day of Classes back after the Holiday Break
January 4 - PAC MTG @1:30 (DL)
January 11 - PAC MTG @1:45 (KFQ)
January 13 - Student Presenting Assembly @ 10:40 (KFQ)
January 13 - Student Presenting Assembly @ 2:30 (Downtown)
January 20? - MLFNS - Dalian Student Talent Show ~ Downtown ~ Exact Date, Time and Location to be finalized
January 20? - MLFNS - Dalian Student Talent Show ~ KFQ ~ Exact Date, Time and Location to be finalized

Raffle Basket Fundraiser
As in previous years, there will be a basket raffle to raise money in support of future charity events. Both the KFQ and Dalian campuses have already begun collecting for raffle baskets. Each class will be given a Theme for their class basket. Students are asked to bring in NEW items which will be transformed into a beautiful basket.
Raffle tickets for the baskets will be sold in the weeks leading up to the Talent Show. Winners of the baskets will be drawn and announced at the Talent Show.

Annual MLFNS-D Talent Show 2017 – Friday, January 20th
Our Annual Talent Show will be held toward the end of January, likely on January 20th. For this event, we are planning to have two shows, one at each campus. The Downtown show is planned for the Auditorium (Room 105) at the Downtown campus. The Kai Fa Qu location is yet to be decided. Start times for the shows will be different so parents can attend both locations

Annual Holiday Concert ~ WOW!
Thank you Mr. Takach, Mr. Kanakis and all the students who were involved. Perhaps this concert was extra special because the two campuses did a combined concert for the first time. Also very special was the hard work put in by our youngest band members, the Grade 4 and 5 classes. This is the first time many of these students are playing instruments and for them to perform so soon after beginning to play is a real accomplishment. Well done!! Thank you all for attending and making this concert such a success! DVD’s of the performance will be available for purchase from the school. Order forms will be sent out shortly.

Library Book Returns for the February Holiday
In the past, library books have gone missing during the holiday. Please help us maintain our resources by returning library books by January 13th, 2017 for Kai Fa Qu and Monday, January 16th for Downtown.

Holiday Door Decorating Contest ~ Classroom Winners!

Gr 6.JPG
Gr 6.JPG
Gr 6.JPG
Gr 6.JPG

K-1 from KFQ Grade 6 from KFQ Kindergarten from Downtown

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School – Dalian
Student Registration Intake Semester 2 ~ 2016-2017

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School – Dalian registration is only for students with a Foreign International passport. Cultural diversity and balance are critical factors in our success at MLFNS - Dalian. The more diverse the cultural background that is created will ultimately assist in promoting a global educational institution where students from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds will learn together. We strongly believe this MLFNS – Dalian experience will better equip our students for the global business community and the occupations that await them upon graduation.

We are currently starting the registration process for Semester 2. At this time we are hoping to get an indication from our current families if they will be registering with us again for March 2017.

We would appreciate your assistance with filling out the bottom section of this page and returning it our school by this Friday January 6th, 2017.

Parent Name _ (Please print using block letters)
Student Name _ Gr. _ Student Name_ Gr. _
(Please print using block letters) (Please print using block letters)

  1. My child(ren) will be returning to MLFNS-D for Semester 2 in March.YES NO (please circle one)

If you answered ‘No’ to Question 1 please continue on to Question 2 and 3

  1. Our family will not be returning to MLFNS – Dalian in March because:
A) We are moving back to our home country YES NO
B) We are moving to another city outside of DalianYES NO
C) We are transferring to another school in Dalian YES NO

  1. Due to either work or family circumstances we are unsure at this time whether we will return to MLFNS-Dalian or not. We will contact the school once we have finalized whether our child(ren) will be returning.
Please indicate any address change.
Thank you for your time in filling out this survey and having your child return it to their classroom teacher by Friday, January 6. If you know of any families moving to our school next year, or families interested in knowing more about our school, please have them contact our offices at
Downtown Campus
Tel: 0411-82387757

Kaifaqu Campus:
Tel: 0411-39268103 extension 0

We will be pleased to arrange for a tour and package of information for any new interested families.

TUITION FEE AND PAYMENT (For Returning Students)

Dear Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School-Dalian Parents and Guardians,

Our students and staff have had a great time at MLFNS-D this semester and we are proud of their many accomplishments! We look forward to another excellent semester beginning in March, 2017.
In order to reserve a student place in the second semester of 2016-17 school years, we would like to ask for school fees to be paid by January 13th.
Please note the Finance Staff will be at the school on Tuesday, January 10thfrom 9:30am to 11:30am. (Downtown campus)

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School - Dalian Tuition and Program Fees for
Semester II,
external image placeholder?w=200&h=85

|| Grade
Registration Fee
Tuition Fee
Program Fee
Grades K-6
Grades 7-9

*All fees are payable in US dollars or equivalent RMB.
The exchange rate charged by Maple Leaf for March 2017 will be 7.

If anyone, however, encounters special circumstances that makes it impossible to pay the school fees by January 13th, 2017, they MUST contact the office in advance, and receive special permission from Maple Leaf Educational Systems to enroll a student with only partial payment of the school fees.
Please indicate: “Student’s full name and invoice number” on the remittance form to facilitate prompt and accurate recording. Kindly fax a copy of the remittance form to the school at 86-411-82396922 (Downtown campus) / 86-411-39268103-0 (Kaifaqu campus).

If you prefer to pay by cash except on January 10th, payment will have to be made at this address:
MAPLE LEAF EDUCATIONAL Park (4F), NO.9 Central Street Jinshitan National Holiday Resort
Dalian 116011 PR China
Phone: 86-411-8790-6867 86-411-8790-6887

Bank Information:
Bank Name: Bank of China, Dalian Kaifaqu Branch Jinshitan Sub-Branch
Account Name : Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School 大连枫叶外籍人员子女学校
Account Number (for RMB only): 311656504414
Wire, Swift Code/ or Routing Numbers: BKCHCNBJ82H

Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong
Account Name: China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited
Account Number (for USD only): 004-817-097561-838
Wire, Swift Code/ or Routing Numbers: HSBCHKHHHKH
Bank address: 1 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School – Dalian

Fireworks Notification From The Local Government
Dear Students and Parents,
Spring festival is just around the corner. We wish you a Happy New Year! During this time of year, some adults and children are injured by fireworks.
Below are fireworks guidelines as circulated by the local government.
  1. Do’s and Don’ts
  • Find a suitable location outdoors and follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Juveniles should not be allowed to handle fireworks.
  • Avoid removing the gunpowder from inside the fireworks.
  • Secure the fireworks on the ground and keep a safe distance away from them.
  • Avoid throwing fireworks.

  1. Areas Where Fireworks Are Forbidden

  • ·Museum and document bureaus
  • ·Military areas
  • ·Broadcasting and newspaper stations
  • ·Post and telecommunicating offices
  • ·Power stations
  • ·Railway station, airport, highway, tunnel etc
  • ·Within 100 meter of and place that manufactures or sells fireworks
  • ·Places where people are gathered in large numbers
  • ·Inside any building

Within 25 meters of buildings that are 24 meters or taller
  • ·In the forest

  1. Any company or individuals is forbidden to hold a fireworks party without permission.
  2. Individuals may use fireworks with a limit of 30mm size, 25g gunpowder each, and total amount should be no more that 1200g.
  3. Read instructions carefully before using fireworks.
From the Public Security Bureau

Let’s Keep a Healthy School Environment
The following are suggestions that will aid in helping to maintain a healthy school environment, keep children well, and stop the spread of illness.
Parents should be aware of the early signs and symptoms of illness such as:
 Decreased activity – droopy, tired appearance
 Irritable behavior – sleepy
 Sore throat / swollen glands
 Runny nose / cough
 Skin eruptions / rashes
 Nausea / vomiting / diarrhea
 Abdominal pain
 Fever (100º or higher is considered a fever)

Parents can help:
 Check students health before they leave home
 Keep students home when they have signs / symptoms of illness
 Be sure your student knows where you are
 Give school office current emergency contact information
 Make arrangements with relatives / friends to take care of sick children if unable to do so yourself
 Children who are treated with antibiotics need to be on the medication for a full 24 hours before returning to school.
 Students with fever, or vomiting need to be free of symptoms for a full 24 hours before returning to school.
 Students with diarrhea need to be free of symptoms for a full 48 hours before returning to school.

Please contact the school if your child comes down with a contagious illness such as Strep. throat; Chicken Pox; etc.

Thanks for your help in providing a safe and healthy school environment.

School Reminder – Please check us out at

MLFNS-D Air Pollution Guidelines

When air pollution AQI levels are elevated, MLFNS-D follows these guidelines:
  • 150 AQI – no long distance runs/ hard activity outside (outdoor recesses will proceed)
  • 200 AQI – no outside activity at all (indoor recesses only)



PEACE Sign.jpg
MLFNS-D students demonstrating the spirit of Walk for Peace

2016-2017 School Calendar

2016-2017 Grade 5 students (and new Grade 5 to Grade 9 students)

Please see the Music page on the wiki to learn about instrument requirements:

Contact Mr. Dick by Email

Our School Address is:

Campus Contact Information

Downtown Campus
Tel: 0411-82387757;82380817
78 Caiyun Lu, Baiyunxincun, Xigang District, Dalian

Kaifaqu Campus:
Tel: 0411-39268113; 39268103
4 Dongxing Road, Kaifaqu, Dalian

Heart.jpgBC Program Teaching Staff ~ 2016-2017
Important upcoming dates Dates are the same for both
campuses, except as indicated August 24 – 26
New Student ELL testing by
appointment only -
August 29
Classes Begin
September 7
PAC Meeting ~ Dalian 1:30 pm
September 8
Meet the Teacher Night ~ Dalian
6:30 pm
September 9
Formal Uniform Day
Class Pictures
September 14
PAC Meeting ~ KFQ 1:30 pm
September 15
Meet the Teacher Night ~ KFQ
6:30 pm
September 23 - Student
Presenting Assembly @ 10:30
Location TBD
September 30
International Walk For Peace
Combined Campus @ 2:15
Location TBD
September 30
Last Day of Classes before
National Holiday Week
Oct 3 -7
National Holiday Week
Summer greetings to parents and students of MLFNS – Dalian. We look forward to another excellent year in 2016-2017 as we embark on a
two campus journey.
Campus Contact Information
Downtown Campus
Tel: 0411-82387757;82380817
78 Caiyun Lu, Baiyunxincun, Xigang District, Dalian
Kaifaqu Campus: Tel: 0411-39268113; 39268103
4 Dongxing Road, Kaifaqu, Dalian
Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School - Dalian August 2016 Newsletter #1
BC Program Administration
Principal – Both Campuses Mr. Karl Dick
Head Teachers Ms. Marly Song ~ Kaifaqu Campus
Mr. Edgar Arca ~ Downtown Campus
2016-2017 Bus Routes
The bus routes below are subject to change based on student enrollment. If you have
questions about busing, please contact the school office.
2016-2017 School Schedules
We plan to begin the school year according to the following schedules. Total instructional
hours will be the same at both campuses.
Downtown: We expect the schedule to work well but it is possible that adjustments may
need to be made to accommodate lunch seating and recess/lunch time play space.
Kai Fa Qu: We expect the schedule to work well but it is possible that adjustments may
need to be made to accommodate the realities of bus travel from Dalian. As well, the lunch
break might need to be adjusted to accommodate cafeteria or student needs.
2016-2017 School Playground ~ Downtown
Playground and PE space are limited at the Do wntown Campus. During the mild weather of
September, we plan to experience the realities of the school facility and adjust class
schedules to maximize playground usage. We expect to begin using alternative play spaces
after the October holiday.
2016-2017 School Supplies Seniors Bring Yo (uGr rOawden 7L-a9p) t op
• headset or ear buds (for private listening)
• protective portable computer sleeve or backpack with a computer compartment (to protect it better)
• external hard drive for backing up files (learning to perform regular back-ups and how to restore
from a backup are very important skills. This is for home use, not to bring to school)
• Combination lock for lockers (to secure laptops when not in use)
2 Large Binders
Binder Dividers
Homework Folder (student’s choice for organization)
A4 size folder with clear plastic sleeves(for Band sheet music) Band Music
Agenda Book
Pens (black, blue, red)
Markers/Pencil Crayons
Water Bottle
Please label all uniform clothing in some manner so it is easily identifiable if lost and then..........easily
I4n Ltearrgmee Bdiiantdee r(sG -r 2a"d,e 2 4 r-i6n)g Binders
Binder Dividers
Pre-lined paper
HB pencils (4-5) not all lead
Glue sticks
1 Roll of thin masking tape
1 Roll of thick masking tape
Pencil crayons (felts optional)
30cm ruler (protractor for grade 6)
Kleenex (1 box)
Red pens and blue pens
Felt Pens/Markers
Highlighter (two different colours)
Pencil case
2 thin sharpie black markers
Blank page sketch book
Water bottle
BGorattdlee so f5 h&an 6d: sAan4i tsiizzeer f(otold beer uwsietdh bcyle tahre p wlahsotilce sclleaessv)e s(for Band sheet music) Band Music
Notes: Everything labelled with names. Parents will sign agendas.
Please label all uniform clothing in some manner so it is easily identifiable if lost and then..........easily
Primary (Kindergarten Some items will be comm tuon Galr. aTdhee s3e) w ill be taken at beginning of year and used by whole class (scissors,
4 - glue sticks (large)
1 - pair of scissors
1 - 30cm long ruler
1 - box of colored pencils
1 - box of wax crayons (** please no markers or oil pastel colours, just crayons and colored pencils)
8 - regular pencils (no mechanical pencils but regular, sharpened pencils)
2- erasers
2 - fine tip black markers
1 - pencil case
1- A4 size sketch book for drawing
1 - 2inch 2 ring binder for putting worksheets into
1 - package of binder dividers
1 - plastic envelope that has a zip top for homework (A4 size)
2- boxes of tissue (to be used by the whole class)
1- bottle of hand sanitizer (to be used by the whole class)
- water bottle
- big, light backpack
Please make sure your child’s name is on all of their supplies!
Please label all uniform clothing in some manner so it is easily identifiable if lost and then..........easily
PAr PimreaKr ys u(pPprleyK liisntd werilgl abret eanv)a i lable soon.