Introduction to the Grade 7 to 9 ‘Bring Your Own’ Laptop Program 2010-2011

Why laptops? (or netbooks)
I have been very involved for the past 4 years in researching and writing about the effective use of technology in schools. I firmly believe that a current education is one that prepares children to engage in intelligent, safe technology use, where students are prosumers of information, (those that don’t just consume, but also produce information and content). Information is becoming more and more abundant and ubiquitous. Resources available online can both greatly enhance what students learn in class, and also extend the classroom beyond the walls of the class and school, allowing for a rich and global learning experience. The goal of this initiative is to provide our Seniors with a true 21st Century, international learning experience.

Why “Bring Your Own” Laptop?
Research has shown that there is a significant difference in the care and maintenance of personally owned electronic devices brought to school. That said, we will be spending time teaching students about care, security and safety.

Why only Grades 7 to 9?
We might expand the program after next year, but we have to be careful about capacity and service. We will have an on-site technician next year, and we have purchased hardware and software to help us with bandwidth and other issues around increased network use, yet we do not want to move so quickly that we can not provide the proper infrastructure to make the program both useful and effective.

How do I find out more?
Please go to to find out more about this initiative. From requirements, to costs, to training, many of your questions can be answered there.

~Principal David Truss
Taken from my May Newsletter which can be found on my Principal's Page, where you can also find information to contact me. Find out more.