Students joining Grades 5 to 9 during the year, please note the instrument requirements at our school - Band Notice:

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Important Notes

  • Students are expected to come to class prepared with their instrument, folder (including music!) and a pencil (NOT A PEN).
  • If you still have not purchased an instrument, please contact me immediately to help you locate a music store. Students are all required to have their instruments now.
  • We will be tracking your practicing through weekly "Practice Journals", so please encourage your son or daughter to maintain a regular and consistent practice schedule. Often, they will benefit from your support during a practice session. Practice Records will be submitted weekly and are expected to include a parent/guardian signature for it to be counted for marks.

Rehearsal Schedule

  • Band 9
  • Band 8
  • Band 5
  • Band 6
  • Band 7
  • Band 7

  • Band 5
  • Band 6
  • Band 8
  • Band 9
  • Band 7/8/9 (Sectionals)

Practice Journals

Fun Links

Students!! Here are some lessons of basic instrument technique which might be helpful as you practice at home.
Click on the lesson for your instrument:
Flute Clarinet Saxophone Trumpet Trombone Percussion

Some students have expressed interest in playing songs for holidays and special occasions.
If you are looking for more advanced and interesting music beyond your Standard of Excellence book and your band music,
here are a few links. Check out the site or just click for your instrument. Look for difficulty level before you pick one. Flute Clarinet Saxophone Trumpet Trombone String Bass Percussion Flute Clarinet Saxophone Trumpet Trombone String Bass/Tuba Percussion

Recommended Apps (for iPhone or iPad):

Read the information on the link site and then scroll down to find the link the to App Store.
  • Cleartune - A very good tuner to use. All students should try to have access to a tuner to practice correct intonation.
  • Metronome 9 - To be used when practicing to help maintain a steady beat. Also helpful for all students to have access to.
  • My Note Games - Great for getting faster at reading the staff. Play the melody on your instrument.