Last year Kerri and her class wrote this, based on these 'rules'. Let's all agree on what we would like to see here for the whole school. All class wikis will link here.

Wiki Community Contract

As a class, we have discussed and decided upon some rules and etiquette to be followed when using an online sharing site like wikispaces. This contract summarizes those rules and expectations. Each student has signed a hard copy of this contract and agreed to abide by it to help us promote a positive online learning community.


We will not post personal information online beyond our first name. Last names, ages, emails, and other personal information will not be accepted.

We will post only external links and content appropriate to the school context. Violence, swearing, and other inappropriate content will not be tolerated.

We will respect the work of others by not deleting or altering their posts in any way. If we have a suggestion to make, we will do so in the discussion section.

We will respect the privacy and security of others by not attempting to learn their passwords or access their accounts in any way.

We will use the Wiki wisely by not “spamming” discussion sections – in other words, replying to a topic rather than creating a new one when it is not necessary.


We will use English only on this Wiki, as we are an English school and it is a language all of us understand.

We will use English properly, including use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitals. We will not use internet abbreviations such as “LOL” on this Wiki. This is a school assignment and will be marked as such.

We will not use inappropriate words (i.e. swearing or name-calling) on this Wiki.


We will treat the contributions of others with respect, through thoughtful discussion and feedback. This can include compliments or constructive criticism.

We will not post information or content about anyone in the class but ourselves.

We will not use this Wiki for teasing or bullying others. Any of this behaviour will not be tolerated.

Together, if we follow these guidelines, we can create a Wikispace where everyone in the class can feel welcomed and invited to share and discuss their work in a meaningful way. Thank you for your contributions!